Olive,Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machinery

Potato grading and packing line

1. Product reception by means of hopper with feeding elevator.
2. Earth remover, with helical rollers system.
3. Separating system for earth removal and primary grading process by means of transporters belts.
4. Grading by size, with number of sizes according to production and requirements.
5. Output transporters/ collecting different sizes for feeding to two areas for two types of packing:

A) WASHING AREA and later packing, by means of the following process:
6. Washing product with different productions (from 5.000 up to 20.000 kg/hour), with output elevator of washed product.
7. Tables divided in two areas: Inspection Area and drying of washed product.
8. Elevation systems to send product toward accumulation hopper and temporary
storage, later weighing and packing in different formats ( 3 and 5 kg, and others).
9. Distribution belts for accumulation of product in hoppers.
10. Accumulation hopper with capacities between 10.000 and 15.000 kg (or according to production and/ or requirements).
11.Collecting transporters from hoppers to direct entrance to weighing machine/ automatic packing and final washing of product, ready for market.

B) BRUSHING AREA to pack the product only brushed ( without washing) by means of the following process:
- 12.Tables divided in two areas: Inspection Area and product brushing.
- 13.Direct exit to weighing machines /
packing, semiautomatic, with system for different formats ( between 5 and 50 kg) ready for market.

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